Welcome to Burnie's



Burnie's is  only a short stroll from the wonderful Clovelly Beach were the water is always refreshing.

At Burnie's our philosopy is "keep it simple"

Our menu is always changing, Chefs and owners Simon &  Sophia North develope and test each dish of the seasonal menus months before they make it to the plate. 

Sophia's passionate about the enviroment and were her food comes from  how its farmed and produced, that is why we use local suppliers of sustainable produce and ethically farmed produce

Simon's passion for great coffee and loves Single O who only use sustainble and ethically sourced beans the wine list is short and sweet with makers such as Logan from Orange

We look forward to seeing you soon at

48 Burnie Street Clovelly

Ph 9664 1001

Email info@burnies.com.au